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1. Linkedin should create a feature where you put in your dream job and it tells you what you need to do and how to get it.

2. An alarm clock that gives away spoilers to your favourite TV shows the longer you sleep.

3. An app where you input different articles of clothing you have and shuffle it to come up with outfit ideas.

4. A smart fridge that you can scan food barcodes and ask to be notified a week before the food expires.

5. An app where I can input unhealthy food I’m craving and it will give me a list of healthy food that will satisfy that craving.

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More ideas:

A drone umbrella

Adobe should have a collaboration feature where people can work in Photoshop or Illustrator together. .

They put pictures of tar lungs on cigarette boxes. They should start putting pictures of obese people on junk food.

An app where we have celebs voices as siri, imagine Morgan Freeman talking to you every day.