Never-ending Book Of Ideas by David Delahunty

Never-ending Book Of Ideas

Get access to over 1,316 ideas. This ebook is continuously updated with fresh new ideas. Think of it as an everlasting gobstopper but replace the gobstopper with ideas.

"This entertaining, humorous and full of 'damn why didn't I think of that moments!' book is designer heaven! Well done David Delahunty!"

- Michelle Mc Carthy

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In 2017 I gave myself the challenge to come up with 5 ideas every day for a full year. It was the hardest challenge I ever set for myself and one that I was glad to see the back of. The project had opened up a lot of interesting conversations with some amazing individuals that I am very grateful for.  Some of my followers across my social accounts had asked if I was releasing a book with all the ideas. To be honest, it had never crossed my mind but made sense - so I did. The book surpassed my expectations and the feedback was overwhelming. So much so that it motivated me to continue my daily idea generation and in turn have enough content for another ebook.

While putting the new ebook together I had an idea (funny that): -
What if the ebook was updated regularly throughout the year with fresh new ideas.

You guys would receive an updated version emailed straight to your inbox for free. With this model in mind, the ebook could potentially run for the foreseeable future. 

This is how the Never-ending Book Of Ideas was born.

What's inside:

  • 1,316 Ideas.
  • Access to our growing community of idea lovers (6,000 members).
  • Ideas brought to life (Mockups).
  • Lifetime access to all future updates.
  • Access my best-selling ebook - "5 Ideas A Day".

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Awesome, very cool! Very inspirational!

Chris Messina
Awesome work on the book, love it! Some really good ideas for new business ventures...
David Sherlock
I love your book! It's like a bubbly jacuzzi for the mind. Lots of positive stimulation!
Daniel Murawsky

I'm serious, the ebook is ACTUALLY never-ending

Because the ebook is in a digital format I can update it and send you lovely people a fresh copy every single time I come up with new ideas. It will be emailed straight to your inbox.

"I have to jump off your ideas to catalog my own! Well done, Mr. Delahunty!"

– Kathy McFarland


01.02.19 - Added 1,200 ideas.
07.03.19 - Added 47 ideas.
05.07.19 - Added 69 ideas.

Who's the ebook for?

  • Entrepreneurs, Makers, Developers, Designers, Creatives, VC's, Writers and more!
  • Anyone who enjoys ideas.
  • You.
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"No matter what anybody tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

– Robin Williams

Idea #1032

Drone umbrella that follows you as you walk, the drone would be aware of its surroundings to dodge oncoming people and other objects.

Idea #234

Adobe should have a collaboration feature where people can work in Photoshop or Illustrator together.

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"No more excuses "I don't have any startup/business idea", this eBook is the solution."

– Tudor Baidoc

Idea #24

Dark mode glasses. Glasses that turn any app on your phone to dark mode.

Who's behind this?

Hi! I'm David Delahunty. I wrote the best-selling ebook '5 ideas A Day' and also run 5 Ideas A Day newsletter with over 12,439 members. 

Idea #901

Stalkr app. An app where you can follow someone on all forms of social media at the same time.

"Ideas are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around."

– Anna Quindlen

Idea #12

An app where I post all of my free hours in blocks and people sign up for times to hang out.


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